Qualifications & Skills Assessment

The Australian and New Zealand Podiatry Accreditation Council (ANZPAC) carries out assessments of the qualifications and skills held by overseas trained podiatrists on behalf of the Podiatry Board of Australia and the Podiatrists Board of New Zealand.


ANZPAC provides:


ANZPAC does not:

  • Register podiatrists. This is a function of the Podiatry Board of Australia or the Podiatrists Board of New Zealand
  • Employ podiatrists in Australia
  • Advise on visa or immigration matters
  • Process applications for, or provide advise on podiatry training programs in Australia or New Zealand
  • Provide or endorse continuing professional development (CPD) courses

Lodgement methods

ANZPAC accepts applications submitted via the following methods:

  • email to


  • post to

                    ANZPAC QSA

                    12-16 Parker St


                    VIC 3016